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An anal orgasm can happen after sexual stimulation of the nerves in or around the anus. Find out what an anal orgasm feels like and how to have one, according to sex experts.   simply put, an anal orgasm is climax achieved by stimulation of high-density nerve spots in the anus.   an anal orgasm is exactly what it sounds like orgasm thats achieved through anal stimulation. Were talking touching, licking, fingering, penetration, and more.   though the chances are slimmer than with direct genital stimulation, it is possible for people of any gendersex to climax through anal play, she says.   actual clinical research on prostate-induced orgasms is seriously lacking, so we dont know how common it is or if its possible for everyone with a prostate to have this type of orgasm.   the myth only the person with a penis penetrating someone anally can orgasm from anal sex. A vaginal orgasm is the notion that women can have an orgasm through stimulation during intercourse or other vaginal penetration, entirely without clitoral stimulation. However, the vagina has few nerve endings, and therefore cannot create an orgasm on its own. The aneros forum describes a process of rewiring when learning to orgasm with the device and it then becomes possible to experience anerosfree orgasms. Our subject found that he could achieve intense orgasms by lying prone wearing a condom without the aneros present, the condom and the pillows being sufficient stimuli to trigger a reflex. Getting in shape will help every facet of your sex life, and part of getting in shape is eating better.   wonder what anal sex is like? You can either try it or learn from these 12 women, who spilled the dirty details about having butt sex for the very first time.

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