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  the male anal orgasm can increase your opportunity for multiple orgasms in two ways. One, men describe the feeling of an anal orgasm as having multiple waves. These waves will feel different from person to person, but some may interpret the experience of multiple waves as having multiple climaxes in a row.   the bottom can be loads of fun, and an anal orgasm is worth pursuing. Even if you dont have one, chances are youll have some type of orgasm along the way.   a different kind of anal orgasm i am male, 39,a big fan of anal, but for quite a while my wife(37) was uninterested. We gave penis in anal (pia) a try and she still really wasnt so keen, but after a while was enjoying a finger up her arse when we had penis in vagina (piv) sex.   sunny megatron acknowledges this bias but also understands its wrong to assume prostate massage or any male anal play is a statement on a mans sexual alignment. Sinclair knows all about toys, as she invented the b-vibe, a vibrator made exclusively for anal play. Incorporating toys into your sex life is also a great way to achieve orgasm through anal.   male orgasm is an all-encompassing term for any type of orgasm related to male genitalia. It could be ejaculatory or non-ejaculatory, or even a mix of both.   orgasms can be tricky, but anal orgasms can be even trickier. Here are 8 easy, must-do tips for achieving the best and most powerful anal orgasms whether with a partner or a vibrator.   simply put, an anal orgasm is climax achieved by stimulation of high-density nerve spots in the anus. Clean your rectum and anus completely by flushing with water till all poop is cleaned. Then you can use your finger (if it is long) or something big, or anaeros and gently insert it inside through the ho. I was straight my whole life and then into college i met a friend you could say was a femboy that was a gay virgin and convinced me 1 time to try it out.

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