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  fwiw, almost 40 percent of women need clitoral stimulation, like oral sex, in order to climax. So set aside a few evenings when this is the only item on the agenda for both of you. More so than almost any other aspect of human sexual interactions, the female orgasm is a mystery. Learn about female arousal, the different types of orgasm, and the 3 tips to reach orgasm more easily. Learn about female arousal, the different types of orgasm, and the 3 tips to reach orgasm more easily. But this article should give you a good jump start on understanding what is. Oftentimes, were unable to genuinely enjoy a sexual experience because were so focused on the desire to give pleasure.   how to have an orgasm tips for female orgasm ankles ankles and the toes too can help reach orgasm. Rubbing the area between ankles and achilles tendon produces pleasure. But there are different pressure points on the leg and the sole of the feet too. The key is in finding the spot as different women have different pressure points. But if you follow our 10 lessons about the female orgasm, youll have the knowledge you need to start studyingand finally seeingit in the wild.   flexing these muscles pulls on the clitoris and vagina, creating more intense friction, which helps give you an easier, stronger orgasm, says bakos. Many women describe a nipple orgasm as something that sneaks up on you and then explodes out of nowhere. The sensations spread throughout your whole body as the pleasure builds slowly and gradually.   once things get more heated, you might be tempted to focus less on kissing in favor of more x-rated pleasures.   the best piece of advice i can give you when it comes to the female orgasm is to treat any partner like a completely new puzzle to work out. Although there are key techniques to nail, such as good foreplay and clitoral stimulation, its important to discover what your particular partner.

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