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My estimate is that 285,193 people are having an orgasm at this very moment, based on the following assumptions there are about seven billion living human beings. For the sake of this discussion, i will assume that about five billion of these p.   plus, not all sex requires an orgasm and orgasms dont mean the sex is great. They can happen many times in a row or just once, and they dont always happen.   one small study found that more than one-third of participants reported having multiple orgasms. Article says shes imagining how many orgasms there are in the world right now, but i think its just in paris, based on a) her looking down over the city at the time b) number of people born every second is something like 4. 4 according to google, so obviously there are many more orgasms than that occuring per second. Multiple orgasms are real, why orgasm headaches happen, how long an orgasm lasts, and other things every woman must know.   by studying the brain activity of people having orgasms in these machines, scientists have learned some pretty amazing stuff. Insider consulted with experts to find out exactly what happens in your brain when you have an orgasm. The logical part of your brain basically shuts down during sex.   while its not very likely that many of us have timed how long our orgasms last because, well, our mind is elsewhere, according to research, clitoral orgasms can last from 10 to 30 seconds.   when im having individual back-to-back orgasms the peak of climax will last from 1-3 minutes, and maybe 10-40 seconds in between each orgasm. The continuous ones can often last for hours, but commonly between 10 - 45 minutes.   orgasms (and sex in general) serve the brain in a similar way to cardiovascular exercise. In this vein, a 2000 duke university study found that 30 minutes of cardio three times a week was just as effective as drug therapy at relieving certain symptoms of depression (at least in the short term).

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