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The hands-free orgasm hfo for short is the act of reaching the climax of your sexual arousal with the use of methods other than hand stimulation of the body. Many first-time hfos success stories involve using the mind alone, which is the reason some find it hard to reach orgasm without using their hands.   choose those that can stimulate your prostate andor penis and achieve that hands-free ejaculation that you have been eyeing.   have your mean read this post if he wants to learn to make you orgasm. The idea of a hands free orgasm is erotic and novel to some people, especially those people who always get off in the same way. However, not everyone can achieve them, and thats perfectly okay. Ok, i am so glad this question came up, hfo or hands free orgasms are one of my fields of expertise, i have researched and used various methods over many years as does my partner, now i will list the three main techniques my boyfriend and i use on. Although a hands-free orgasm will take patience and practice for many men, it may be easier to execute than it sounds. The hands-free climax can be reached a number of different ways including meditation, consumption of erotic content, flexing your pc (pubococcygeus) muscles, or utilizing soft.   the male anal orgasm can increase your opportunity for multiple orgasms in two ways. One, men describe the feeling of an anal orgasm as having multiple waves. These waves will feel different from person to person, but some may interpret the experience of multiple waves as having multiple climaxes in a row.   cisgender men and people assigned male at birth have a prostate,. A little prep can help you help them have that anal orgasm groom those hands. The hands free orgasm beginners guide you probably have an idea as to where the prostate is located. In fact, you might even get visions of doctors sticking their gloved fingers up into the anus during what is known as a routine prostate exam.   most men usually have a refractory period (time in between each orgasm) to deal withwhich lasts 30 minutes or more on average. But yes, men can orgasm again and again without having to cool down. Having multiple orgasms during sex and foreplay is 10x harder, but once you can do it, heres how to have multiple orgasms during sex.

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