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  lecithin is a substance composed of a mixture of fatty acids. Many of its components are naturally found in your cell membranes, bile, and plasma.   does lecithin increase semen volume and add sexual benefits? Reddit sex stories tell of a cum holy grail a stack of lecithin, zinc, pygeum and l-arginine. I took that stack for three weeks, and the result was like a multiple orgasm, tuff explains. Why does lecithin increase ejaculate volume? My guess is because it contains the essential fat found in eggs, which are also thought to increase volume. I found significant increase in my orgasm intensity and my semen volumes jumped. Arginine improves sperm motility if that is important to you. Lecithin can be quite nasty for some people by causing depression and dopamine sensitivity.   i doubled up on the lecithin i was taking for another reason and i immediately noticed an improvement in my orgasm which i was already rating as a 10 on the 1-10 scale. I continue to take the gaba, 5htp and a hundred others for my eyes, prostate, snoring, sleep, digestion, joint aches and pains, weight, depression, memory, cfidsfm etc. Use sunflower lecithin (not soy) to avoid the estrogen-producing impact of soy products. Pine pollen is another common supplement proven repeatedly to increase testosterone, which in turn increases ejaculation volume and other aspects of male sexual health. I think lecithinpygeumzinc combo works for me but im not sure it is a drastic change. When i first started i bought soy lecithin and i am almost positive it decreased my libido and eq. Switched to sunflower lecithin and was back to normal (if not above, heavy balls and precum make you horny) within a couple of weeks. If j can get him to with-hold from orgasm for at least a day,,, wow, i really get a load! Years ago, hub was really sick. It increases ejaculate, and increased ejaculate improves my orgasm, i cant verify this but it makes sense the more you ejaculate the better the orgasm or else its a placebo effect.

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