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  limited access could also minimize cyber drauma, or cyber rumors among students. Also, hackers could be stopped, at least at school, from trying their dastardly deed in stealing other students account. By limiting the time a child or teen can be online after school, parents are making it more feasible for kids to take on other activities like sports, playing outside, spending time with friends, or quality time with family.   what are their actives on the internet? All these must be considered before they are provided with the access to the internet. As internet can be used for both good and bad things, it is up to the user to pick. It will be unfair to not let them use the internet at all! They should be allowed to use it, but with limited access. Internet should not be restricted for mid to older teen, while it may be limited for younger teenspreteens. Once a teen reaches the high school age, their internet usage should not be restricted. Handling the internet is a crucial part of a teens maturation process. Why teens shouldnt be limited on the internet first of all, almost every single teen over the age of 12 or 13 has some sort of connection to the internet. Weather it be a personal device or a parents and millions if not billions of people use the internet in a single day. Its a place for people to connect together form around the world. Only allow your kids to use age-appropriate websites and games, for example, facebook requires kids to be at least 13 years old to register, and many of the popular games that young kids like to play that allow internet access are rated t for teen or m for mature and should only be played by adults.   kids cell phones let parents and children stay connected, without the use of screens. These are the best basic phones for kids who need a way to call home or contact someone in case of an emergency but arent old enough for a smartphone.   today, technology has taken the internet to the next level. Hand held phones can access the entire internet with the same speed and power of most computers, which is absolutely amazing. While there is no arguing the positive impact that the internet has had on society, there are certainly some drawbacks as well.   explain that internet access is a privilege that shouldnt be abused and that it can and will be taken away if they dont meet your expectations. However, from a survey carried out, majority of the people agree that tweens should be given internet access and that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of the internet. These negative effects are avoidable and it basically comes down to the way tweens use the internet and how much they understand about the internet.

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