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  warning! Very intense orgasmic arousal stimulation with binaural beats and isochronic tones this particular video is intended for mature audiences.   sexual audio stimulation for fast ejaculation and hands free orgasm with a long lasting, pumping climax. Isochronic pulses and specific erotical sound effects for inducing hands free orgasm.   ask a woman what an orgasm feels like, and shell probably tell you that it falls somewhere along the lines of a tingly feeling that intensifies to the point that its felt overwhelmingly throughout the whole body at least that seems to be the general consensus among reddit users. But despite what you may believe, they dont always have to result from sex, masturbation, or whatever. Cancer of the prostate is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in western world males and is the second cause of cancer deaths in men (siegel et al. The male human prostate is a musculoglandular organ the size of a walnut it surrounds the neck of the bladder and urethra and is itself surrounded by a complex of fascial structures.). A prostate orgasm is an orgasm in men derived primarily through stimulation of the prostate gland, rather than the more conventional penile stimulation. The organ is often compared to the gräfenberg spot, or g-spot, in women, which reportedly induces more intense orgasms than sole stimulation of the genitals. I must admit it elicited many emotions, most notably regret and relief. Relief that it was finally over (2802 is the most beneficial moment of this), and regret that i just wasted 28 minutes of my life that i could have used for literally anything else.   johnstons program is known as the key sound multiple orgasm (ksmo) training. The key sound refers to a particular sound one can make while engaging in some light stimulation during solo.   you wont believe some of the weird ways you can get an orgasm, including from your belly button, thumb, and by exercising. Heroin is almost identical in its effects on the brain to an orgasm. As someone who spent a couple of weeks in the hospital on iv demerol, i can attest to the similarity of the opioid orgasm experience.   an embarrassing story involving an ultrasound, an orgasm and a poor radiologist. An embarrassing story involving an ultrasound, an orgasm and a poor radiologist. I have friends on reddit and this is one story i dont want them to stumble upon.

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