Sexual harassment and teens

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  what does sexual harassment look like? Sexual harassment comes in many forms, says susan fineran, phd. Shes a professor at the university of southern maine who studies this problem. Insults related to a persons sexuality are a form of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment isnt limited to people of the same age, either. Adults sometimes sexually harass young people (and, occasionally, teens may harass adults, though thats pretty rare). But most of the time, when sexual harassment happens to teens, its being done by people in the same age group. Sexual harassment and violence permeates our middle and high schools. Girls endure sexually crude jokes about their bodies, receive unwanted texted photos of private parts, are tormented by sexual rumors some are inappropriately touched against their will and some are completely violated by rape. While talking to little kids about sexual harassment is challenging because they dont yet know about sex, older kids (especially teens) may enjoy grappling with the ethical dilemmas raised in the news. Discussing how information is packaged and distributed -- and whos behind it -- helps kids develop critical thinking skills, so they can put. But most of the time, when sexual harassment happens to teens, its being done by people in the same age group. Sexual harassment and bullying are very similar they both involve unwelcome or unwanted sexual comments, attention, or physical contact.   sexual harassment isnt a one-and-done conversation with teens and young adults. With frequent conversations and specific information, middle and high school students can learn to avoid engaging in sexual harassment and how to engage with their peers in healthy and positive ways. In fact, sexual harassment coming from one teen to another is a type of bullying (pellegrini, 2002). Sexual harassment of teens can occur anywherein middle and high schools (lee, croninger, linn & chen, 1996), in the workplace (fineran, 2002 fineran & gruber, 2009), and in the community (for example, neighborhoods or the internet).

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